Fighting Pornography

Education and Awareness

Our goal is to position pornography as a public health and safety issue by developing a communications plan that reaches the community and ultimately influences its behavior.

Legal and Public Policy

Our partnership with the National Law Center will bring forth some of our nation's foremost legal expertise in this area. We will seek every legal means of restricting and prosecuting the many sex-oriented businesses currently in operation in our community. We will also work to insure that prosecution of illegal pornography be considered a high priority for law enforcement officials. Our partnership with the National Law Center will provide opportunities for training investigators and prosecutors of child sexual exploitation and obscenity.

Internet Safety Solutions

The most innovative and revolutionary technology of our day, the Internet, has created an unprecedented problem for families and young people. Today it is possible for pedophiles and pornographers to enter our homes, almost at will, as our children become increasingly proficient on computers and the Internet. We think education is vital, but technological advances in filtering and blocking must be employed. Our free can help.

Victim Assistance

For victims of abuse linked to pornography - First, we will identify agencies and individuals who are able to help. Second, we will link these services to a common database. Third, we will create a toll-free victim assistance number.

Finally, we will launch a public information campaign so this service is well known to the citizens in the local community.

Is our city worth the fight?

We believe the answer is a resounding "yes." Today, within our county limits, we can point to families in despair, savage acts being committed against women and children and growing numbers of young people being drawn into a horrible web of destruction. We believe there is still time to take back our community and protect our families. Perhaps the real question that must be asked is this: Is your family worth this fight?

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